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We specialized in steam and fast dry carpet cleaning.  Depends on the situation, for example commercial carpets in condominiums must be clean with a fast dry system due to traffic of residents coming in and out of the building; Have you ever had your carpets cleaned in your building and they look great, but only to realized by the time the residents come back from work the carpets get dirty again. With a fast dry system, carpets will be dry by the time tenant come back home, keeping carpets looking clean for a longer period of time.
Why change your floors!! When Spartan Cleaning can make them look like new. We have clients that have been in business for years and never clean their floors before;  being  Tile, PVC, or Stone. Spartan Cleaning can save you thousands of dollars by restoring your floors. 
Spartan Cleaning cleans almost everything, boats and plane interiors, office furniture, all types of floors, post construction cleaning, investment properties such as rentals or foreclosures. If you need a reliable company to take care of your commercial cleaning needs, call Spartan Cleaning.