Janitorial Cleaning

Comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the needs of your property, facility, or home. We do not cut corners, we clean them!

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Resourceful, experienced, and dedicated cleaning professionals

Spartan Cleaning is innovative service provider focused on delivering exceptional cleaning services through highly trained staff and the application of the latest and most advanced cleaning techniques. We make sure your property environments are clean, healthy, and exceptionally maintained. Our services meet ISSA’s high standards and we ensure that our business practices are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Janitorial Cleaning Services include:

  • Day Cleaning
  • Wellness Cleaning

Day Cleaning

Day cleaning is increasingly becoming the one of the most important method of maintaining and upkeeping your properties. As businesses seek to minimize their environmental and social impact, they are increasingly choosing to perform cleaning services during daylight hours, essentially minimizing operational costs and improving building efficiencies. At Spartan, we know that a thoroughly cleaned facility leads to more satisficed visitors, customers, and staff. Our programs are designed to improve the experience at your property which will boost your business.

We serve office, retail, educational facilities, hospitality sectors. When it comes to cleaning, consistency and proper cleaning makes all the difference. Call us for more information.

Sanitation and Disinfection

Considering recent developments in the world, it has become increasing important to differentiate between looking clean and actually being clean. At Spartan, we are committed to our cleaning for wellness program by ensuring that surfaces are clean, sanitized, and decontaminated on regular basis. We employ cleaning solutions and use the latest and most advanced cleaning techniques and products. Our process and procedures are tailored to meet the highest expectations and we strive to consistenty deliver cleaning solutions that meet and surpass industry best practices.

The goal is to boost health and safety, elevate employee productivity, elevate your visitor experience, and to preserve your property. To learn more, please contact us.

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